Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

Amorous Footwear

Randomly saw the touring company's performance Kinky Boots due to inheriting a ticket from someone who was unable to go. Apparently it won a Tony in 2014 or something. Regardless, I was unimpressed. And not just because in my particular performance they had the sound set up in some way that I was unable to figure out significant portions of the lyrics.

There were a bunch of funny bits (including a clever pun) and the costumes/set were good. However: A lot of the scene shifts were abrupt and random-seeming, even by the standards of musical theater. The story seemed really trite and/or forced in places and a few characters underwent random radical personality changes. It was also not sufficiently any the things I primarily like in a story, those being {sweet, subtle, fun/silly, adventurous, romantic}.

The main message got distilled down to "accept people for themselves." There are at least two readings of this appeal, and I think the musical went for the feel-good one which is practically unworkable, that of accepting/tolerating/respecting everybody. I should probably note here that this is not only practically unworkable, I happen to think it's also a horrible goal because it fails to abjure evil. If someone is an asshole, I want to have the right to think they're an asshole and not associate with them rather than be enjoined to tolerate them.

The other reading I can think of, "If you are going to accept/reject someone, accept/reject them for who they actually are rather than for a label you've unilaterally stuck on them or, with also trying to change them," seems like neglected common sense and I fully support it.

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