Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

So I am finally playing Skyrim, because I wanted to lose any and all time that I could be doing something more useful or fun. Also been dabbling in the Creation Kit because I wanted to fix that there wasn't a follower with the particular skillset I wanted. But that aside.

Most quests are, of course, of the "go there and kill/acquire something" variety. Apparently in Skyrim there are a lot of people who want other people dead but don't want to do it themselves. Nor do they want to make use of, e.g., black widows in the privy. But some have interesting stories or form interesting lines, and I do have enough of a character concept that I won't just do anything anyone asks of me, or in the most expedient way. Anyway, having stumbled upon some Stones of Barenziah and being unable to get them out of my inventory until I collect all 24*, I've been following the Thieves' Guild questline.

Which brings me to the thing I wanted to complain about: Nocturnal's deal. See, they want to make me a Nightingale. The contract for which is: I protect the Twilight Sepulcher with my life while alive, and then my spirit is bound to it after death. In return, Nocturnal makes me luckier. Except when she arbitrarily (and possibly randomly) doesn't.

It is really annoying that the only way to object to this deal is to claim that you're not a daedra worshipper, to which the person recruiting you responds, "It's not religion, it's just business. It's a deal between you and Nocturnal." Yeah yeah I know that, the problem is that as a business proposition it is a horrible deal. Every single other daedra so far has given far better value for money. Meridia gave me this completely awesome sword just for getting rid of some necromancer that I probably would have killed anyway. Hermaeus Mora didn't even ask me to do anything at all—he essentially just gave me two and a half levels for free. Even Hircine, with his dubiously useful "blessing" of lycanthropy, is giving a better deal: after death, he brings you along on his hunting trips. Whereas Nocturnal binds your spirit in a dank and boring cave forever where your only companions are other sketchy rogues who probably cheat at cards. And then for her part she doesn't actually have to do anything for you at all. After all, you have no way to tell whether she actually is doing anything or not.

Ironically, this deal makes perfect sense if you consider it as religion instead.

But seriously, WTF. Maybe the current Thieves' Guild deserves to perish. (Or hmm, I wonder if I have enough Creation-Kit-fu to rework the quest so that some other sucker becomes their third Nightingale...)

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