Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

[Book] The School for Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani
You have probably already read this, since it is apparently like a NYT best seller or something.
However, I'll just put in my two cents and say that it is excellent. And ridiculously twisty.
The overall theme isn't anything new, really, being basically fairy tale material, but apparently you can do a heck of a lot more with that than I had thought.

The sequel's a little weaker IMO, but still good. Plan to pick up the third one when it comes out.

One of the cats my family had did not meow, only chirp.
I have been thinking about pets recently. As in the "maybe I should get one sometime" way. The problem being that it's a total gamble what you end up with. Well, also I'm not sure if I'm just more enamored of the idea than the reality. Though I guess the last time I lived with a menagerie I did like 3/5 of them.

Regardless, I will probably never have a kangaroo.

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