Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

[DA3] Headdesk

#1: Patterns for mage armor with a str/con slot. Str being utterly worthless to mages and Con being almost so.

#2: Being forced to choose between two really bad options in a situation where there is an obvious choice clearly better than either. In this case, the Demands of the Qun quest.

Me: That's a lot of Venatori heading toward your men, Bull. They're all going to get slaughtered. Call a retreat.
Gatt: They have to hold that position for as long as possible or else the dreadnaught will be vulnerable! Keep them there!
Bull: Uhh.
Me: Wait! I just realized, the place where the Chargers are deployed is literally two hundred yards from where we're standing right now, and the Venatori are between us. Why don't we slide down this slope here and catch them from behind? They won't have a chance against both of us.
Gatt: We can't do that! This is a character definition moment and we have to choose one or the other of the two strangely limited options.
Me: That's ridiculous. I'm heading down there.
Me: [bonk] Ow!
Gatt: Actually, I meant that we *literally* can't do that. There are invisible walls all along the edges of the cliffs here.
Me: I see. Still, why exactly will a few mages on the coast be a problem for the dreadnaught? It's already destroyed the smuggler ship, it just needs to sail back out to sea now. And the thing is made of iron! How are a couple fireballs going to hurt it?
Gatt: Uh, that's not iron. The dreadnaught is actually made entirely of Gaat'lok.
Me: ...what.
Gatt: Yeah. Defensive measure in case the ship is ever captured.
Me: That may be the stupidest thing I've heard since the start of the game.
Bull: The Drama!
Me: Ugghh, fine. But why am I even making this decision anyway? It's Bull's people vs Bull's other people. Clearly Bull should be the one deciding.
Gatt: I suppose. But look at the guy! Does he really seem like someone who can make tough decisions?
Me: Yes? You were with him on Seheron, right? I mean...
Bull: Aiieeeee! (runs around in circles briefly, then begins banging head on nearby tree)
Me: Dammit, Bull.

Although I was happy that I managed to find the ending to the Negotiations/Ball in Haramshiral where you blackmail all three of the idiots into stopping their bickering rather than being forced to back one and "neutralize" the other two.
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