Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

[DA3] Notes
- I've been wondering for a long while what you have to do to get Iron Bull's approval. It turns out that the answer is to kill a dragon with him in the party. And then go out drinking afterward.
- Relatedly, killing the dragon was moderately annoying. It's difficult to get the party to actually stand in two groups (ranged/melee) and trying to dodge incoming fireballs was hindered by the lag between when you tell a character to move and when they actually start moving. Also an individual character "hold position" order would be really, REALLY useful.
- I'm also really missing the behavior control knob that DA2 had that let you choose between {tank, ranged, melee}. I want my tanks to defend the entire party but there's no good way to set them to do that. I haven't spent more time controlling Blackwall and Cassandra than my protagonist, but it's probably close at this point.
- There are nothing like enough action bar slots and I want the radial menus back. While the uncontrolled-character AI can cast things not on the bar, it's not smart enough to properly use anything that's not a simple damage spell. And if I put all the damage spells off the bar then I can't use them when I'm controlling the character.
(Example: The AI logic for Barrier is apparently "cast on the most injured party member", even if there's nothing attacking them. So a half-health ranged character hanging out in the back with no one around him will draw casts of it even if they'd be more useful on the tank with 75% health who's actually being attacked by the giant demon or whatever.)
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