Dvarin (dvarin) wrote,

[DA3] Tactics are like those breath mint things, right?

I am so far fairly underwhelmed by the combat AI. I understand the desire to make things simpler to deal with and appeal to a broader audience thereby, but needing to manually execute combos and click regen potions is kind of annoying when I consider how in DA2 I'd just set up one rule for it and then never think about it again. The bits where ranged characters fail to flee from melee unless I manually move them and characters are perfectly willing to stand in and walk through fire are also kind of special. As well as the bit where it's apparently perfectly willing to use the AoE taunt without any enemies close enough to be affected by it.

Not a gripe about DA3 specifically, but tactics directives to follow the attack target of the controlled character never made a lot of sense to me. A lot of the time if I'm controlling a character deliberately it's because I'm trying to do something clever like CC something, a situation where everyone else attacking them is the last thing I'd want to happen. DA3 remedies this a bit by letting me disable follow-controlled and giving a specific everyone-attack-this command in the UI. (What would be even more useful is everyone-without-a-shield-equipped-attack-this so I could have the shield warrior keep tanking the giant whatever sufficiently far away from the ranged, but I guess you take what you can get.)

Amusing combo I was surprised worked: mage casts Fire Wall, warrior grapple-hooks some enemy on the other side and pulls them through it, setting them on fire.
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